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Breathe into Balance

These short and sweet breathwork practices for your morning and evening are in harmony with your Eat by Alex program. They are intended to support you with your body's renewal process by helping you to regulate your nervous system. Experience the calming and restoring power of breathwork. One breath at a time.

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Get to know the versatile powers of my favourite breathwork technique Equal Ratio Breathing and learn how to practice it yourself to create more balance in your life.

Breathwork and equal ratio breathing

Mellow Morning

This 7-minute practice will help you to ease into your day feeling more balanced and grounded before checking your e-mails or going ahead with your to-do list.

Breathwork practice to ease into your day
Mellow Morning

Evening Unwind

Practice this 7-minute sequence to unwind after a packed and hectic day and prepare for a relaxing evening or a restful night's sleep.

Breathwork practice to unwind after a hectic day
Evening Unwind

Activate your Inner Balance in 30 days

Re-connect with yourself and utilise your superpower, your breath to live more mindfully and create positive change in your life. Change your breath - change your life. 

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